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family time

The break from school gives us more time to visit and relax with family, especially the ones who live hours away. It is precious to see the little ones cuddling and playing with grandma and grandpa -and the perfect opportunity to take some photos to remember this time. I also love seeing the kids enjoy …

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Ricketts glen family portraits

siblings in Mossville

Yesterday was overcast, with nice soft lighting, and I took some portraits of my neighbor’s adorable two children, ages 3 and 11. We started out sitting with they cat, who was quite the furry model, then strolled down to the pond for a little fishing. What a beautiful Spring afternoon!

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Testing the Canon 6D

Chasing the quest to always take better pictures, and because I love to shoot, I decided to update my hardware and upgrade from my dusty trusty Canon EOS 20D to a Canon EOS 6D. Plus Adorama was running some sweet deals. I’d picked up the bundled Canon L lens on eBay previously. I was sorely …

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