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late winter

EVeyeicicles in March freeze and thaw SchoolhousegirlsMarch2015 girlsTVcolor IMG_0054 IMG_0059 IMG_0068 The past month has been pretty rough in our house. A nasty nasty GI bug has laid nearly all of us out and seems to be making laps- 24 days and still terrible symptoms.

On the plus side, March is here, the birds are returning, and I have been playing with a couple new lenses. On eBay, I found a 24-105 EF f4 L lens (not quite perfect condition but a much better deal) and a beautiful 10-18mm EF-S ultra wide-angle for my Canon 20D. The former is a nice zoom on a crop sensor body and should be decent for portraiture on a full frame body. The latter will be great for interiors and landscapes. I am a big fan of shooting with a wide angle lens and look forward to getting to hike with that one.

We are all very much looking forward to spring!

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