These are some of our spider plants. They’re up for adoption for a small fee.

(except for the large one, but if you’d like to take the big boy home, make me an offer!).

Since they’re solid green, these are likely Chlorophytum comosum.

Spider plants are beginner friendly, pet safe, and a natural air purifier.

“TINY” Adoption fee $3.44 tax included

“Beans” 3.44 tax included (small plastic pot)

“Phil” black pot $4.24 tax included

“Betty” terracotta pot $3.71 tax included

“Cosmo” orange plastic pot plus snake plant

$6.09 tax included

“Tom” larger terracotta pot 6.09

If you’d like to give one of these plants a home, you can Venmo the price listed to Nicole-Karr-1 or Paypal to . If cash, the even dollar amount is ok.

Thanks for looking and enjoy! If you need a box to keep a plant form tipping in the car check with us, we might have one!

larger Walnut cutting board

$106 tax inlcuded

Smaller walnut cutting board with handle $53

Pricing for wooden bowls is $21.20 for each of the smallest two, $37.10 for each of the mid sized bowls, or $53 for each of the largest platter or bowl.

Each of these is finished with a food safe oil and crafted from wood that came from the fallen trees in Ricketts Glen State park.