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Testing the Canon 6D

sunset and trees

Chasing the quest to always take better pictures, and because I love to shoot, I decided to update my hardware and upgrade from my dusty trusty Canon EOS 20D to a Canon EOS 6D. Plus Adorama was running some sweet deals. I’d picked up the bundled Canon L lens on eBay previously.
I was sorely tempted to buy a mirrorless Fuji camera ( love the retro looking chrome model!), but went Canon instead. The smaller Fuji would be easier to travel with, but I like the build of the larger DSLR.

– the screen on the back of the 6D is much larger, though I seem to fog it up or get it greasy.
– the high ISO capability of the 6D make it incredible for handholding in low light. So far this is the biggest difference and should give sharper images overall
– the 6D is a full format camera, whereas the 20D utilizes a crop sensor. Therefore, the 24- 105 IS STM lens gives a different range of view on each body
– I have high hope that the sensor cleaning vibrations will make for less dust-covered images and less frequent sensor cleanings needed
– The autofocus seems better- and the images are larger

So far, I’m very pleased and have been shooting more. The controls are a bit different from the older body, though the basics translate through both.