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6 Month Baby and Family Portraits


This couple and their adorable six month old son brought me to a special piece of family-owned land on a hillside near Red Rock, PA to start their session. The view was incredible with the colors of the leaves- but the rain began to inch closer and we had to hide in the car for a while. Luckily, it passed, leaving a rainbow and some crazy pretty light behind. We stopped by a stone bridge at the creek and finished things off with a stroll by the pond. They both seem besotted with their boy and were a delight to work with. It will be fun to watch this little guy grow.

HarveyWebFile-4278 6 month old black and white   HarveyWebFile-4451  HarveyWebFile-4505  pumpkin
Harveyweb-4592 Harveyweb-4533 Harveyweb-4513 Harveyweb-4395  Harveyweb-4350  Harveyweb-4301 fall family shoot pulling mom's hair golden hour family walking by the pond HarveyWebFile-4415 

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