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Class of 2016 | Danville Area Senior

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On a spectacularly warm and sunny October afternoon, I met up with Will after school to shoot some senior portraits. We started out at the fire station, where he is a volunteer. The chief pulled the engines out for us – and Will was easy to chat with and easy to photograph. He’s hoping to go to West Point next year. Nothing like setting the bar high!

Next, we headed back to his house where he wanted to get some shots in his favorite Doors tee shirt and reptilian pets – a bearded dragon and ball python. For a third look, Will donned hunting gear,  grabbed a bow and headed into the edge of the woods adjacent to their house. Finally, he put on dress clothes and played his trombones (yes two), as the sun went down over the golf course next door. As it turns out, guessing classic rock tunes from the trombone part alone can be tricky!  It was great incorporating so many facets of one fine young man into some lasting memories as he finishes up high school.


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