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Interior residential photography for Danziger Interiors

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These images were taken for Danziger Interiors, an interior design company located in Bucks County , PA. We focused on capturing this amazingly expansive walk-in closet space and the adjacent bathroom. Adele’s design throughout the house is stunning and the art selection and color combination make the entire home really special. The bathroom features a high-tech self cleaning Kohler Numi  toilet with hand free operation colored lights, a sound system, bidet functions and more.


The coffee station and mini-bar create a high end hotel experience in this master suite. Special pullouts for organizing scarves, valet rods to hang selected items of clothing, and dedicated storage for everything keep the wardrobe organized. The shower and bath are gorgeous, with nearby heated towel rack, mirrored medicine cabinets concealing invisible shelving for all the little bottles that live in the bathroom. A beautiful black and white laundry space is tucked away within easy access. Custom cabinetry by Springhouse Shop and Studio in the bath and closet areas.

I was quite impressed with the details of this home and highly recommend Adele as an interior designer should you be considering a home renovation.

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