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PA 40 Fly In 2016


Every October we all very much look forward to this local event. Since bad weather kept us from a plane ride the last two years in a row, the kids were excitedly awaiting  for their first plane rides. Unfortunately, insurance concerns nixed those, but it was a beautiful sunny day for a change, and we had a nice time watching the planes and a helicopter take off and land. This was the busiest year yet, with over 100 aircraft visiting the grass strip in Benton!

A huge lunch with a truly impressive dessert table and homemade ice cream is served (donation requested) and hayrides are free. If you live near Benton, check this  out next year! Airport website is here. I took a ton of phoos and spent quite a while getting them all edited and uploaded, but the only pilot who contacted me looking for one happened to be one that I missed! Still, it was great fun, top notch food, and another day spent wishing my dad was here.

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