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Side trip to Steamtown | Scranton Photographer

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A visit to the Steamtown National Historic site has been on the to do list since we moved to NEPA in 2004. This March, we finally made it. the facility was uncrowded and the displays were extensive. The film wasn’t that wonderful- but the theater was beautiful. Next time we will be sure to go on a train ride (no running trains through the colder months apparently) and go on the guided tour as some areas are off limits unless you are on the tour. Also we only had a certain amount of time due to kids’ attention spans and next time we will definitely check out the trolley museum area in a future visit as well. We finished out our trip with a picnic at Nay Aug park in Scranton. Someday I will explore the Everhart museum, too!

April 16-24 is National Park Week and the entrance fee is waived! Now’s the perfect chance to check this place out, it really is worth the trip.DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8608 DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8624 DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8625 DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8643 DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8645 DanzigerInteriorsWeb-8651steamtown-8588 steamtown-8616 steamtown-8620 steamtown-8647 steamtown-8648steamtown-8527 steamtown-8543 steamtown-8553 steamtown-8562 steamtown-8565 steamtown-8513 steamtown-8575

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