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Yoga + Headshots – Fishing creek | Bloomsburg, PA


This late day session at Kocher Park, near Bloomsburg, PA was an absolute joy. Maegan was seeking some updated headshots and other photographs for use in the launch of her new partnership in Berwick called A Soulful Space. A Soulful Space offers dance, yoga, meditation classes and more. You can try their classes by dropping in – or register to make an eight week commitment. Maegan is a delight to spend time with; she is upliftingly genuinely positive, and I’m sure her classes are worth checking out! Thank you, Maegan, for getting in the creek with me and being so graceful. Best wishes with your new venture!maegan-0076maegan-0133reaching maegan-0065flowers maegan-0068maegan-0051-2maegan-0114maegan-0139woodlandnymph maegan-0091 maegan-0090torsosmilingmaegan-0154maegan-0200maegan-0184inthecreek maegan-0211maegan-0220happy maegan-0181

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